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Invest in High Demand Improved Liveability SDA

Set yourself up for 20 years of passive income and change the lives of Australians with a disability.

By downloading this eBook you will learn about what Improved Liveability design home is, its design features, current demand and supply on the market, potential yields, and more.

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Improved Liveability SDA housing is in High Demand 

By 2032, it is expected nearly 30,000 Australians with a disability will be eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Around 40% of these people are expected to require an Improved Liveability home within the next 8 years.

The Improved Liveability SDA category will always have demand given the high percentage of SDA funded participants with IL funding. Because of these reasons, tenancy of Improved Liveability dwellings built in areas where there is demand is expected to be high.

What is NDIS SDA?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a range of housing designed for NDIS participants, or people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. SDA dwellings have accessible features to help residents live more independently and allow other supports to be delivered better or more safely. There are four categories of SDA dwellings – Improved Liveability, High Physical Support, Robust, and Fully Accessible.

What is Improved Liveability design SDA? Who is it for?

Dwellings under the SDA design category ‘Improved Liveability’ are built to incorporate a reasonable level of physical access and enhanced provision for people with sensory, intellectual or cognitive impairment who may find it difficult to see or understand things around them.

Improved Liveability SDA dwellings must include one or more design features suitable for the residents needs, such as luminance contrasts, improved wayfinding, lines of sight, light-based doorbells and fire alarms, hearing augmentation, or reduced lighting levels.

Can I see any difference between Improved Liveability and a regular house?

The property for all intents and purposes looks similar to the regular home inside and out and can therefore be easily returned to the regular rental or sale market.

Secure rental income for 20 years

The Australian Federal Government has allocated $700 million annually to fund SDA in order to attract investment and the development of homes, including Improved Liveability SDA.

‘Rents’ are paid by the Government to the property owner via the Participant’s NDIS funding plan.

Given SDA properties are purpose-built for people with disability, most tenants will want to rent an SDA property to become their forever home, which essentially means long-term lease periods.

Affordable build and competitive returns

An Improved Livability home is the least expensive design type to construct so the initial investment will generally be less than that of other SDA design types.

The net returns, once tenanted with participants funded for Improved Liveability, will still be competitive when compared with other design category homes (High Physical Support, Fully Accessible and Robust).

A significant social impact

By investing in a SDA property, you change someone’s life for better.

Currently, the majority of Australians with disability are residing in Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals and other Institutional Settings, or in inappropriate homes, which misalign with their needs and goals in life.

As an Improved Liveability SDA property owner, you are giving Australians who have a sensory, intellectual or cognitive impairment an opportunity to maximise their independent lifestyles and inclusion in the community.

At NDIS Property Australia, it is our goal to see people with high-needs disabilities being appropriately housed in accommodation that is right for them. Purpose built homes promote opportunities for social and economic participation, enhance self-determination, and create conditions for Participants to lead vibrant, safe, and independent lives.

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Why Choose Us

At the NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA, we provide an honest, quality and value-adding property consultancy service to the Specialist Disability Accommodation investor market within the NDIS sector. Our team of consultants will work hard behind the scenes to ensure every step of your NDIS property investment is made right.


We help you identify your investment goals.


We inform you about available SDA properties and locations.


We keep you updated on the NDIS property market demand.


We guide you through financing options available to you.


We assist you with SDA property purchase from start to finish.


We engage you with the providers who will help you find tenants for your SDA property.

The best of many NDIS SDA property advisors

Google 5 star review

Minh came up as the best of many NDIS SDA property advisers/agents out in the market. He’s highly responsive, professional, conscientious and very helpful. Minh’s advice was accurate and the properties in his portfolio represent good value. There is no pressure sales tactic and his Excel ready reckoners provide concise information to help make decisions. Definitely recommend him.

-Aashish “Ash” G

Invaluable fact-based advice and experience

Google 5 star review

Hall Property Solutions (HPS) has worked with Minh for several years and can attest to his level of industry knowledge, connections and professional nature when dealing with clients. Working within the SDA sector comes with its fair share of hurdles, however, Minh’s fact based advice, experience and collaboration with the various stakeholders required to be successful has proven to be invaluable for several HPS projects. I highly recommend Minh and NDIS Property Australia for anyone seeking to invest in NDIS funded SDA property.

-Chris Hall

Managing Director & Senior Development Manager, Hall Property Solutions

Extremely professional

Google 5 star review

Extremely professional and by far the best value NDIS homes in Australia. Emelitta was great to deal with and couldn’t recommend her more. Many thanks!

-Connor Oliver

I could take the right decision with the correct information at hand.

Google 5 star review

I was lucky to have found Minh LE while doing property search for NDIS securities. I was immediately impressed with his pleasant personality. He was very forthcoming with answers to all my queries. He guided me well so I could take the right decision with all the correct and relevant information at hand. He never shied away from talking or texting back in spite of his busy schedule. Very unlike any other agent. He has a wealth of knowledge. I would suggest if anybody is planning to buy NDIS property to definitely speak to him first
Thanks Minh Le.

-Rajiv Seth

Improved Liveability Design Features


At NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA, we are passionate about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and we want to inspire as many people as possible to work towards the future where all the Australians with disability have access to housing that meets their individual needs.

We are a purpose-led and values driven organisation that believes in doing the right thing, both for investors and to the SDA participants within the NDIS.

Our team would welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure we achieve the best possible  outcomes for everyone involved.

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The SDA HOUSING Podcast series covers a wide range of topics from information about how we work with all stakeholders in sourcing and delivering brand new SDA properties which are SDA compliant, to general information about the NDIS, and statistics about Specialist Disability Accommodation in the NDIS sector.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is SDA housing a good investment?

The approach to SDA funding has been to make investing in accommodation designed for people with disability (NDIS participants) both commercially viable and attractive for investors. NDIS SDA housing is attractive to investors who want a long-term, steady income while receiving market-beating yields.

SDA properties are being built in high-demand areas where clients are already investing.


What returns can I make on Improved Liveability property?

You can achieve up to 11-12% yield on your Improved Liveability property, with 7-9% being the conservative estimate.


Can normal banks give loan for SDA property investment?

An NDIS loan is considered a commercial investment, and limited lenders will provide funding for NDIS investment. However, there is a number of non-bank lenders in the market.


What is the maximum income I can get with my Improved Liveability SDA per year?

Up to $190,000/year gross income given your property is fully tenanted, depending on the type of dwelling, the number of rooms for participants in the property, and the location.

Learn about Improved Liveability homes

By downloading our free Improved Liveability SDA eBook, you will learn in more detail about:


  • What Improved Liveability (IL) design home is.
  • Design features of IL homes.
  • Demand from NDIS participants and current supply of IL homes.
  • NDIS funding for participants in IL homes.
  • Income and yields for various tenancy mixes.
  • Pros and Cons of investing in IL homes.
  • Why should you consider an IL SDA property as an investor?